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Cheese Courses


As some of you may know, we present a cheese course here at our lab.
We have always had opposition from the dairy industry, because of this. The reasoning being that we are teaching people their secrets!
Now with info being so freely available these days I find these statements naive and unfair.
In fact people that are so interested in cheese that they pay good money to learn more about it, buy more cheese than the average person out there!
I also try to sell as little cheese-making supplies to the people on the course, ;-)because like with any thing else, I know people are excited in the moment and most of them will buy a box of stuff and never open that box once they are back at home!

So let us get our buyers involved into this wonderful dairy world of ours. That’s true generic dairy marketing!

Kind regards,
Leon the Milkman

Fast Casein Test


Reasoning that rennet will set mainly casein and that the whey proteins will be free to run away with the whey(hey, it rhymes!) I have thought of using this to determine the casein content of milk.
This with a cheap little milk analyser like an Ekomilk. I would test the milk protein and then set the milk with rennet and then put the resulting whey through the Ekomilk. Subtracting the 2 figures from each other would then theoretically give the casein content of the milk.
Well, this sounds logical to me, but that does not say a lot and I don’t know how that would compare to a Kjeldahl determination, which would be the official way of doing it.
May be a project for a rainy day. Any comments?

See ya!
Leon the Milkman

Milkoscan 133B

Hi, Milkfans

Have some time to write, because my FOSS Milkoscan 133b has a problem with the “filter wheel not running OK” at the correct speed. For you other lab techies out there the procedure to check for this is to turn the key to horizontal and to type in Program 9824 from the Standby Menu. You should get a reading of 14400 if everything is alright. Slight variations from 14400 is OK, but preferably it should be constant.
When finished testing turn the key back to vertical and press the RESET button on the back of the machine.

Till next time,
Leon the Milkman


Hi, Milkfans

Thanks for visiting my dairy-friendly website!
We will discuss industry and consumers issues.
Here in South Africa I work at the Elsenburg Dairy Lab, just outside of Stellenbosch, in the Western Cape. That’s near Cape Town for all you international visitors.
Well to some good fun and lots of valuable info in the future!

Bye for now.

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