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Calcium supplements could help women control weight

04/07/2006 Middle-aged women could benefit from calcium supplements suggests a new study that is yet another twist to the calcium-dairy weight loss debate.

“Increasing total calcium intake, in the form of calcium supplementation, may be beneficial to weight maintenance, especially in women during midlife,” wrote lead author Alejandro Gonzalez from the University of Washington, Seattle.

Make your own conclusions by clicking the following link and reading the rest of the article:


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Milk conspiracy theory and politics

Note to Food and Water Watch & Reminder to Starbucks – Activists Should Stop Masquerading as Consumers.

This is one hell of a good article that sheds light on a few political dairy issues. Read it:


Sorry about the massive link ;-), but click it anyway.

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Dairy farms getting bigger, more efficient

While the number of dairy farms nationwide is falling, those that remain are getting bigger and more efficient.

Qual Dairy near the southeastern North Dakota town of Lisbon epitomizes the trend, trucking about 4,650 gallons of milk to Cass-Clay Creamery in Fargo every day – enough to satisfy the daily milk consumption of eight out of nine residents in North Dakota’s largest city.

To learnmore, click on the following link:


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Dairy Cattle Science (4th Edition) 

A Dairy Farm Where Milk and Manure Pay the Bills

Hi, Cow Fans

The cows at the Audet family’s Blue Spruce Farm make nearly 9,000 gallons of milk a day—and about 35,000 gallons of manure.

It’s long been the milk that pays, but now the Audets have figured out how to make the manure pay as well. They’re using it—actually, the methane that comes from it—to generate electricity.

Read the rest here:


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Here is an article with some financial figures as well: Economics of producing methane gas from cow manure to generate onfarm electricity (University of Maryland Cooperative Extension Service. Bulletin) (University of Maryland Cooperative Extension Service. Bulletin)

The Milkman Speaks!

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This is the voice of the Milkman, listen…

Dairy farm finds energy source right under its nose

Hi, Dairy Farmers

Three years ago Lebanon’s biggest dairy farm, LibanLait, was confronting two seemingly unrelated problems: the rising cost of generating enough power to operate the dairy plant, and how to dispose of the approximately 160,000 pounds of cow manure that accumulated daily.

Read how they solved this dairy problem:


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