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Hi, Milk fans 

Brutus stood patiently as yet another student pulled on a glove up to her shoulder. The steer has gotten used to people sticking their hands through the fistula, or tube, in his side, reaching into his stomach and squeezing a handful of his lunch.

The steer is doing his part to help attract students into animal and dairy sciences at the University of Georgia.

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Storey\'s Guide to Raising Dairy Goats: Breeds, Care, Dairying

Dr. Conradie visits Elsenburg

Hi, Milk Fans

Parmalat’s National Milk Producers Quality Manager for South Africa visited me today to photograph my new equipment – the CombiFoss Milk Analyser 😉

Send some business my way please, sir!

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Yoghurt Sweetness

Hi, Yoghurt Fans

You might notice that when you eat some full fat and low fat yoghurt from the same company that the low fat stuff is usually much sweeter than the full fat version.

The reason is that the full fat version tends to cover your taste buds in lovely butterfat, dulling them to the sugar’s sweetness and that most companies do not compensate for this by lowering the sugar content of their low fat products.

So the low fat yoghurt could have even less calories 😉

Check it out – it’s true.


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Leon the Milkman

Feta vs. Danish Feta

Hi, Cheese Fans

The main difference between the above two cheese are that the danish feta has more moisture, thus it is not as sour.  Danish Feta usually is made through the modern process of Ultra Filtration, where the whey proteins are retained in the cheese with the casein, giving softer, creamier cheese and much higher yields. Good for you and good for the manufacturer. 😉

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Leon the Milkman

Greek Cheese Assortment (1.5 Pound) by igourmet.com

South African Dairy News

Hi,  South African Dairy Fans

Here is some home-grown news bits:

Humansdorp dairy sells stake to BEE firms

Read it here:  http://www.theherald.co.za/herald/biz/02_10072006.htm

Namibia: SA Dairy Traders Fight Tariff Raise

Some importers and distributors of South African dairy products are up in arms over plans by the government to introduce a tariff increase on imported UHT milk.

Read the rest here: http://allafrica.com/stories/200607101001.html

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Leon the Milkman

Calibrating Cryoscope

Hi, Dairy Scientists

Had a question on how to calibrate a cryoscope.  For you who do not know this is a apparatus that freezes milk to determine the freezing point.  This tells us if water was added.  No water may be added to milk legally.

Usually standards that freeze at -0.408°C and -0.600°C is used, because milk freezes between -0.512°C and -0.550°C.   The calibration standards thus lie on each side of milk’s freezing points.   Distilled water can also be used as higher standard in place of the -0.408°C standard.  This tip will save your lab money!

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Leon the Milkman

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