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Leon the Milkman has a B.Sc majoring in Food Science And Chemistry. Having had stints in most food industries, his love for dairy won and he has been working in the dairy industry in the Western Cape Province of South Africa since 1997. He is a Research Tech. and presents regular Cheese and Yoghurt Making Courses.
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First Cheese Making Course for 2014

Hi, Cheese Fans

Happpy New Year to All!

We are presenting our first cheese making course at the University of Stellenbosch on 23,24 January 2014.  Please contact for more info and sign-up.

I hope to see you there!

Drink your milk,

Leon the Milkman

Successful cheese course! South Africa

Hi, Cheese fans

I just want to thank everybody that joined me on our latest cheese course in Stellenbosch.  It was a wonderful experience to have fun with such a diversity of people with a unified interest in cheese making 🙂

cheese course

Cheese course, Stellenbosch. South Africa July 2013

If you are interested in cheese or yoghurt making courses in South Africa, mail to and ask us when we will be in your area.

Drink your milk!


Leon the Milkman



Place to stay for cheese makers

Hi, Cheese Enthusiast

If you are ever in South Africa in the Southern Cape, close to Riversdale or Stil Bay (Stilbaai) then pop over to stay at A Farm Story Guest House to experience real farm living.  On the farm you are next to the dairy, there is a fully functional cheese factory and it is the point of the most Southern Battle in The Anglo-Boer War.

The house  played an important part in the history of the Cape, as the stables were used as a hospital during the most southern battle in the Anglo- Boer war in 1902.

Go and check them out at


Leon the Milkman

Goodbye Tony :-(

Today I went to the funeral service of Antonio James Morrone.  It was a sad day for the South African food and laboratory industry.   As opposed to myself I have never heard this man say anything bad about someone else, even when listening to my rants!  He was always full of concern and care for everyone else’s problems and glad to share in their joy.  You could see the glint in his eyes in sharing his joy with everyone he met.

My thoughts are with his brother Michael and the rest of his family.  You were all blessed with him, may you still be with him looking after you from above.

Tony we will see each other again one day – if we are too far to shake hands – wave at me and smile.


Gouda wash water insight

Hi, Cheese Makers

Have you ever considered testing your normal rinse/wash water quality for gouda and other cheeses that get “washed”?

If not, maybe consider testing for more than the usual coliforms and yeast and mold.  Also test pH, hardness, etc.   We are so used to doing pH on the milk, but never the water – I have seen water used for wash water from 4.98 to 9.5.     This will have some influence on your process and we should aim for 6 to 7 ideally.   The water can easily be acidified with citric acid.

Any comments?

All the best,

Leon the Milkman

Dairy and Cheese Consultant

Cape Town, South Africa

Make your own gouda cheese:



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