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Leon the Milkman has a B.Sc majoring in Food Science And Chemistry. Having had stints in most food industries, his love for dairy won and he has been working in the dairy industry in the Western Cape Province of South Africa since 1997. He is a Research Tech. and presents regular Cheese and Yoghurt Making Courses.

How do you divide calories through the day?

Hi, Dairy Dieters

Most diets tell you to cut calories towards the end of the day.  I think this is valid and I understand the reasoning that it helps you not to go to bed with a full stomach.  What I have found though is that people that do this are eating too many calories anyway and need to cut back further.

When your calories are low enough you can eat the same amount of calories at every meal. I find that people that cut back at the end of the day, usually are very hungry the next day and this will cut into their reserves too much.

Also keep moderate amounts of fats, protein and carbohydrate in your diet and in all meals as the fat and protein slows down digestion.  This means less up and downs in your blood sugar.  As long as you are eating less calories than your body needs to maintain weight, you will lose, no matter what you eat. 

Kind regards,

Leon the Milkman

Gielie comes to visit Elsenburg

Hi, South African Dairy Farmers

Gielie de Kock came to visit the lab today to bring some milk samples for the new Milkoscan and to give his support to the lab.  Gielie was a major force in motivating the purchase of the new machine at Elsenburg.  We thank him for that and hope that the Western Cape Dairy Farmers will soon follow when Milk Recording will commence at Elsenburg.

Kind regards and a good weekend,

Leon the Milkman


Comparing cow, goat and soy milk

The best way to approach this subject is with an open mind and also to compare the different products point for point, e.g. the fat percentage and composition between all the milks, and doing the same for every component.

Another important consideration in this case is the fact that we are using milk as removed in the natural soy milk method that has been used for centuries.  This was done to give a true indication of the soy, because different manufacturers adapt the soy to their own standards; adding less or more sugar, fat and other additives.

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Multilingual Cheese


Hi, Cheese fans

Ever wonder what your favourite snack is called round the world? Check it out:




































Kind regards,

Leon the Milkman

Yoghurt Stabiliser

Hi, Yoghurt Fans

It should be no secret that commercial yoghurt has stabilisers added. What is that? Stabilisers range from starch based, to gums to gelatin(not in Kosher products). Anybody that has ever made yoghurt will know that because of the acidity of the product some free moisture will form whenever we scoop some out or break the set structure in some way.

Because commercial yoghurt has to be transported as well it is thus essential that some stabiliser be added. Some are just for thickening the product and others have functional properties as well, like giving a creamy mouthfeel.

When using stabilisers in yoghurt we must determine the stabiliser to be acid tolerant(yoghurt pH about 4-4.5) and enzyme tolerant. Best to ask the manufacturer if you are planning to make you own stabiliser mix or wanting to try something new.

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Leon the Milkman

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