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Title: Daily Simple Tips To Improve Breast Health

Author: Julie Walker

Medical experts recommend the following measures to best protect
your breasts while maximizing your overall health:

Sensuality and sexuality are not opposed to or the enemy of
spirituality. Celebrate the sensuality of your body!

Expose your breasts to sun and moonlight. It feels good to
experience the sun, sea, and air on the rest of your body at
topless beaches or in the privacy of your back yard!

Eat a little of soy-based products, such as soy milk, tofu, and
tempeh regularly can help blocking the tendency for breast
tissues to bond with extra estrogens that can cause disorder in
healthy the functioning of breast tissue.

Do not smoke cigarettes or other tobacco products – Like
alcohol, smoking has been linked to breast cancer.

Eat a well-balanced diet – Include lots of fruits and
vegetables, and keep your intake of fried foods, red meat, and
junk food to a bare minimum. Prevent taking hydrogenated fats
like margarine and vegetable shortening. (Be conscious of
products that are in many store-bought crackers, cakes, and
cookies – even health-store brands.) Cook with olive, peanut,
sunflower, or sesame oils and butter or – better still –
clarified butter (ghee) on bread.

Color TVs, microwave ovens, and computer screens release
radiation that can cause damaged tissue. Use protected computer
display terminals and try to keep a good distance like 3m away
from your TV. Do not stand right next to your microwave. Try to
avoid using microwave, and use healthier cooking methods like
your over or stove as more nutrients will be kept.

Enjoy nurturing yourself. You need to massage your breasts
and/or pamper yourself with a massage or your favorite spa
treatment. It is a MUST survival skill.

Do not use underarm deodorant that contains aluminum salts or
other compounds. Aluminum is a heavy metal that can enter the
blood and lymph systems through the skin and severely challenge
the immune system.

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