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Guernsey Body Characteristics

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Guernsey cows should weigh, when mature, between 1050 and 1250 pounds, and bulls from 1700 to 2000 pounds. Considerable variation in size now exists, however, due partly to the recent admission into the USA, and their registration as Guernseys, of the cattle which for centuries have been raised on the third largest of the Channel Islands, namely, Alderney.  For some reason the mature cattle of Alderney Island are not as large even as the Jersey and fall very far short of matching the ideal Geurnsey. There are many who believe that it was a serious blunder to admit into America these small cattle, especially to admit them in the name of a much larger breed. Many breeders and practical dairy farmers, who have chosen Guernseys over Jerseys, have done so because of the reputed greater size of the former.

The Guernseys naturally carries a little more flesh than the Jersey and is not so sensitve to the cold. To reduce the scale of the animals now is to throw them into the Jersey class in this respect where they will probably be easily equalled as efficient dairy animals by Jerseys of their own size. The color of the Guernsey is orange-yellow and white, in large patches. The shade of the yellow varies from light to a near red. Neither extreme is desirable.

The temperament of the Guernsey is particularly agreeable. She is intelligent, but not so nervous, not so affectionate nor so resentful as the Jersey. Neither is she so indifferent as the “cold blooded” Holstein. Her sunny disposition and easy handling habits have won her many friends. There is an tendency, however, for individuals and families of this breed to lay on fat to readily.

Calves at birth should weigh from sixty to eighty pounds and are inclined to be somewhat delicate. They are not as easily reared as the young of either the Holstein or the Ayrshire breed. Heifers mature rapidly and unless care is taken are liable to begin milking to early for best growth.

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