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The land upon which this breed of stock has been pastured for many generations is largely of a low, marshy order; in fact, much of the land is that reclaimed from the ocean by the thrifty Hollanders, who diked across the arm of the sea and literally pumped the water back into the ocean by means of windmills.  The land thus reclaimed is immensely fertile, but, being lower than sea level, continues moist and comparatively cold.  Grass grows luxuriantly.  Upon these moist pastures the cows are pastured in summer.  They are not permitted to roam about, but are tethered out.  This system of feeding and handling is ideal for the production of bodily size and a quiet disposition.  

The colour of the Holstein-Friesian is always black and white.  Very rarely a red and white animal is dropped from pure parents, but is not eligible for registry.  The size is large.  A mature cow should weigh 1300 pounds, and not infrequently individuals attain 1500 and occasionally 1700 pounds.  A mature bull of this breed should weigh between 1800 and 2400 pounds.  The disposition of the Holsteins, as a breed, is very mild, in fact, they are so quiet that they are one of the easiest breeds to handle.  They are greedy feeders and naturally they are not particular in regard to the condition of their feed as are some other breeds.  The calves weigh 90 pounds or more at birth and are easy to raise. 

The Holsteins as a breed may be said to produce the largest quantity of the leanest milk of any breed.  It is thus an excellent producer of drinking milk and not so much preferred for cheese making where higher milk solids are beneficial.  Although the olstein produces more kilograms of fat and protein per lactation, because of the volume it produces, it is still better suited for drinking milk or milk for the manufacture of condensed milk.  This is further impacted by the fact that the Holstein milk has a comparatively higher amount of albumen to casein. 

The smaller fat globules and the low butterfat content as well as the very white butterfat obtained when skimmed of Holstein milk makes it less than ideal for butter manufacturing.  All the above factors makes it probably the cow milk that is most ideal for baby feeding.

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