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Where did that yoghurt taste come from?

Hi, Yoghurt Fans

When you have a funny taste in your yoghurt it is not always funny 😉

If the factory manufactures an unflavoured yoghurt and then add flavours, the first question should be if the taste is present in the unflavoured yoghurt as well.  If it is, then it cannot have come from the flavour or fruit that was added, right?

So now it must come from anything that is added before that point, like the milk itself, the stabilisers, the sugar/sweeteners or base.   Get to every ingredient, and make sure it is from the same batch.   For example, get milk from the same farmer on the same day, etc.

Some of the yoghurt can be used to innoculate autoclaved/UHT/longlife milk and if the same taste is perceived after the milk is set, then the taste is microbial, right?   I say this because if the 3% or so yoghurt with the funny taste was mixed into milk and no taste was evident and after incubation the taste is there, then it must be microbial, I think.

Hope you found this of value.

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