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Preservatives the enemy?

Hi, Food fans

Saw something on the tele last night about consumers going on about preservatives.  Well, being in the food industry myself and knowing that the average food product in the USA travels about 1500 miles to its market, I would say preservatives are essential 😉

Also considering that daily we are destroying forrests to make place for agricultural land and offices and residential areas, we must realise that as we get to be more and more the quality of our food will suffer, right?     They have to stretch what we have, and that will bring down quality.   No, I’m not being dramatic, find some soil comparisons from the 60’s on micro-nutrients and compare them to the quality of agricultural soil today – and people – plants do not make micro-nutrients, they get them from the soil 😉

Yes, well, I can write a whole lot on this topic!

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