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UHT Milk Problems

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UHT milk translates to “Ultra High Temperature” Milk and is also known as long-life milk.

It is made by pasteurizing at something like 132-150 degrees Celsius for a second up to 15 seconds.

To prevent problems it is important that the milk is not going sour, that it has the right salt balance and that there is not too much serum proteins ( colostrum ) in the milk.

Put into practice you should get an analysis of salts in “normal” milk and what variance is allowed to test the milk against. Also make sure the farmer does not have too many cows calving at the same time to prevent high colostrum in the milk.

It is a good idea to do an Alcohol Test on the milk with an alcohol strength of 72-75% alcohol. This will give a fast and accurate indication of the heat tolerance of the particular milk.

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