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Clean Cooperative Dairy Milk Production

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When supplying milk to a cooperative it is of vital importance that the cooperative has a milk payment scheme according to which the farmers are paid. This is not only advantageous to the farmers, but also to the cooperative and to the consumers.

For the farmers the results of the test being done help them in managing their business and for the cooperative it means that they get what they pay for. Nobody can make an excellent product from bad raw material.

Meetings have to be held so that there can be agreement on what the specific tests will be and how much each component will impact the milk price. Usually these tests consist of Total Plate Count, Somatic Cell Count(Mastitis test) , Solids ( Fat, Protein and Lactose). Benchmarking to another dairy is of course a good idea.

Other non-qualitative factors that influence the milk price the farmers get are the distance the tankers have to drive to pick up the milk and the volume of milk supplied by the specific farmer.

This is the basics of management of paying for clean cooperative dairy milk production.

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P.S. See the previous post for more on cleaning dairy equipment.

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